Who is Giant Little Steps?

Giant Little Steps is a name that I’ve been asked about quite a lot, so allow me to explain it here.

During my time at university I developed an eating disorder – Anorexia Nervosa. As well as focusing on my studies, a part-time job, and trying to keep up with a ‘normal’ social life, I was battling with an illness that was isolating by nature.

In the hope of one day sharing my experiences with other people going through the same – or similar – struggles, I created this website. Since I didn’t feel ready at the time to share the details of my illness or recovery process, I shared little parts of myself instead. This site is now home to recipes, – although I was scared of food, I loved to cook! I know, I’m a walking paradox- creative writing pieces, and book reviews.

There are now posts following my recovery process!

My mum would always tell me to take ‘little steps’ towards recovery and to not overthink things too much, but to me those ‘little steps’ were giant.

Hence Giant Little Steps was born.

I hope that this blog provides some kind of clarity or comfort for others, even if you don’t necessarily suffer with mental health. My inbox is always open to questions.

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